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Concordia Compound

Jesuites Graduates Real Estate Co. " Downlaod the Brochure "
The dream of building a residential compound to serve the housing need and aspirations of the Jesuites graduates was brought to life by the founders of the Jesuites Graduates Housing Co. (Concordia).
Our vision was to create a compound where residents would enjoy living in the serene environment of an intellectually, culturally and socially homogeneous community.
The “Concordia compound: was elegantly developed on 28 acre plot of land to offer a variety of selection, ranging from luxurious villas (52 units), to semi-detached units (18 units) and pleasant apartments (5 units) totalling 75 units, all especially designed to match different tastes, budgets and requirements.
*Concordia is part of Concorde Real Estate Development and Construction Industries Group

Jesuites School
The Jesuites School, established 130 years ago, stands out as one of the most highly reveres and reputable institutions in the felid of education.
And, just like our School, our project “Concordia” is a most unique and selective compound, made to embrace people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, yet sharing common vision of peace and understanding in a pleasant and coherent atmosphere.

A Prime Surrounding
For our background taught us what selectiveness and uniqueness are all about. Our Primary vision was to deliver the same values we learned to Cherish; therefore we created our compound in a prime location, Overlooking the Gezira club, on the eastern diff of the 6th October City, and made sure that the surrounding and ambiance were just as perfect. In addition we incorporated a clubhouse, so that we would offer all you need in one graceful and calm place that is just a few minutes’ drive away from the big city.

A Touch of Green
When planning this project, our biggest concern was to secure Pease of mind. Hence we designed this compound on theme of low density residency, soaking 80% of the compound in lush greenery and water elements to recharge your soul and make your life in “Concordia” serene and harmonious. We also wanted to create a safe environment for your children to thrive in and enjoy.
We worked with the crafty and ingenious landscaper architect Tarek Bashir (TB Architects) to create a healthy and fresh environment for you to live in, the artistic lines of the of the creative, talented and inspired architects Dr. Ali Gabr, Eng. Magued Hosni (Degla Engineering Consultancies) and Dr. Moemen Afifi brought this vision to life.

Services & Facilities
Since we know that a better service is at the core of comfortable living, we took our standards even higher. For your peace of mind, we developed security systems to ensure a safe care-free surrounding extending from your home to the fences of the compound.

For your entertainment and well-being, we built a special club with various facilities for everyone to enjoy. For those who like to sweat it out and stay in shape we designed pampering their bodies, we created a spa to recharge their inner flame. And for everyone’s joy and fun, we took advantage of our extended gardens to create a BBQ area to enjoy on sunny days. We also developed a restaurant, lounge area and cafeteria for a relaxing laid-back time close to home as well as convenience stores to serve your basic needs.

The Smart Home
We all appreciate the value of comfort and modern technology; therefore all homes are connected with fiber-optic network to deliver all your needs at a click of a finger. We designed security and safety system, along with surveillance services to ensure a secure environment. The fiber-optic network offers the ability to develop internal audio and video communication system so that all you require is at your fingertips. Also various services can be provided like fixed line telephone services, broad band internet, IP television, internet PABX and portal services to make life easier, in addition to services based on home automation like internal broadcasting, control of home utilities remotely and internal video conference through the main home panel to give you control over your life in the simplest stress-free form

Compound View ( location / villa / Semi Detached / Apartments )
Construction Updates "7 July 2010"
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