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Welcome to Jesuites Graduates Real Estate Co. Concordia Website…..

The idea of forming a company and residential compound to serve the housing needs of the Jesuites graduates was brought up by the founders of the Jesuites Graduates Real Estate Co. (Concordia).
Founded in 2005 as a shareholding real estate development company, Concordia’s vision is to create a residential compound were its residents can enjoy living in a tranquil environment and the luxury of a homogenous society intellectually, culturally and socially. Following this vision Concordia compound is elegantly developed on 28 acres to offer its residents a variety of residential units, varying from spectacular villas (52 units) and semi-detached (18 units), to pleasant apartments (5 units) totalling 75 units , all especially designed to match all different tastes and requirements.

Concordia Projects


Concordia / Concorde : Entente, fraternite, harmonie, paix de l'esprit, union des sentiments

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